Your PDFs – Supercharged

Elevate your PDFs from basic to brilliant with AI-powered multilingual voice-overs, easy sharing, and much more—all designed for sales and marketing professionals to accelerate deal closures.

It's free, no credit card required.

This is why we build Amplifiles

We are developing Amplifiles together with our customers. We help them to leverage all the potential in their PDFs.

"Even as the founder, I can't pitch our company with the same clarity and expression as the AI pitch."

Erkki Aminoff

Erkki Aminoff

CEO, Superoperator

"We really appreciate this work of art and will be happy to reference Amplifiles as our graphics media partner."

Michael Halley

Michael Halley

CEO, SlimCloud

No changes to your workflow


Upload your PDF

No need for new presentation tools. Just use your current one and upload the finished presentation to Amplifiles.


Send it out or give it a boost

Once uploaded, we instantly provide a shareable link you can send to your customers. Or, you can also give it a boost with our compelling features.


Share and see the results

Instead of sending email attachments, send customers a link, track their engagement, and see your sales grow.

Ready for an AI pitch?

Our PDF viewer is launching soon. Until then, we create AI pitches in video format. We would love to hear your opinions on the product. Join Amplifiles Beta and get your AI pitch. It’s free, no credit card required.

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